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    DSC Croatia 2021 is a Virtual event dedicated to the impact of AI on Business & Society . During the Conference you will be able to attend Tech Tutorials, listen to high-quality talks delivered by world-class experts in AI & to follow our specially created Data Discussions.

    This Conference is part of the Data Science Conference franchise, which is one of the leading Franchises dedicated to Data Science & AI worldwide.

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    Why attend DSC Croatia 2021

    In the past 12 months, the world has changed dramatically like never before in modern history. Collaboration between industries and interdisciplinary studies has become essential in securing the future of World. With the latest development of disruptive technologies - staying relevant in your industry is not anymore possible without serious investments in Advanced Analytics & AI. Main reason to join us on DSC Croatia 2021 are:

    High-Quality Program

    Listen to more than 15 high-quality technical talks and 30 Talks & Data Discussion!

    Never Stop Learning

    Use DSC Croatia 2021 materials to elavate your knowledge in the field of Deep Learning & AI.

    Meet New People

    Meet data & AI professionals, business leaders & fellow researchers from all over the region!

    Follow New Trends

    Stay in touch with the latest trends in NLP, Robotics, Computer Vision, AI product, Quantum Computing & AGI, Bias Detection and others!

    Experience DSC Vibe

    Seize the moment, experience by yourself why everyone is talking about Data Science Conference!

    Join Our Community

    Join the crowd and become a part of the fastest growing Data & AI community worldwide!

    Who should attend DSC Croatia 2021

    DSC Croatia 2021 is virtual event dedicated to impact of AI on Business & Society. DSC is focused on giving you latest information you can apply immediately in your career & business and is a must-attend event for:

    • Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Data & AI Specialist, AI Researcher and AI Engineer
    • Data Science Team Lead, AI & ML Team Lead, Data Science Manager, Manager of AI, Manager of ML
    • Head of AI, Head of Data Science, Chief Architect, Chief Data Scientist, Chief AI Officer, VP of AI and Data Science VP
    • Banking, TelCo, High Tech and IT leaders & executives
    • Data Science, AI and Analytics vendor leaders executives
    • Government, Public Health and Academia officials
    • Researchers, Students and Tech NGO leaders


    High-quality Talks
    Tech Tutorials
    Virtual Attendees
    Data Lovers reach out

    What to expect on DSC Croatia 2021?

    Our carefully designed program brings together providers, vendors, data professionals, government, academia & data enthusiasts in one place.

    Main program of the Conference is divided into 3 days, that fit into the Technical, Business & Kickstarter Storyline. High-quality talks will be delivered by top Data Science & AI experts and leaders.

    Transformational AI

    • AI use-cases in Banking & TelCo
    • Text Analytics, NLP, Virtual Agents & Recommender Systems
    • Machine Learning & Deep Learning Platforms
    • AI Driven decision making

    AI for Industry 5.0

    • AI in High Tech
    • Deep Learning & Neural Network
    • Robotics, Computer Vision, Self-driving cars
    • AI in IoT, Smart Cities, Smart Device & Digital Twins

    Future of Work with AI

    • Transformation of workplace with AI
    • AI ready culture
    • Skills needed to work alongside AI

    Future of Society with AI

    • AI Literacy: What is AI, AI systems & how to engage with AI Solutions
    • Ethical AI & Ethical Design
    • AI for Good: Solving World challanges


    We have a history of bringing and maintaining good relationships with high-level and high-quality speakers. For our attendees we provide the best worldwide speakers.

    Conference Talks

    We provide only the best to our attendees, from carefully chosen speakers and an amazing venue to the whole data experience, we’ve got it all covered for you!

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